About Us

DetectionTek is a mold and indoor air quality inspection company located in Boulder, CO established in 2014. DetectionTek’s room-by-room mold inspection gives scientifically accurate results immediately so you can take the steps necessary to protect your home and family. We specialize in mold inspection, not remediation, allowing us to avoid any conflict of interest in the results we give you. Traditional methods of testing take a snapshot of small sections of your home to produce samples, putting you at risk of missing areas that are the real source of mold. There is no reason to settle for outdated testing techniques or a few samples sent to a third party lab when you can have billion of samples tested on the spot. Our cost effective, scientifically prove process will give you the security of knowing your home is safe from mold. With a DetectionTek mold inspection, you will be able to target the problem in a way no other inspection can. You do not have to put your two largest investments, your family and your home, in the hands of typewriter-era technology. Know your home’s air quality in terms you can understand and rely on using cutting-edge science.